Welcome to Homecare Advisory Group! Located here in New York City, we provide essential insights and guidance for home care, aiding patients in their seamless transition from hospital to home environments. Our specialized services are tailored to support discharge planners and ensure patients receive the most suitable care available. Our goal is to simplify a process that can often be complex and overwhelming. Reach out to our home care agency in NY today and discover how we can support you and your patients. Together, we can ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of home care, tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. With our expertise and your dedication,

  • Navigating Medicaid Applications

    Discharge planning can be highly demanding, especially when it comes to understanding the intricacies of insurance coverage, particularly Medicaid. Unfortunately, many patients find themselves with insufficient insurance to cover their post-discharge home care needs, making planning even more difficult.

    That’s where we step in. At Homecare Advisory Group, our mission is to facilitate a smooth and stress-free Medicaid application process. The moment we receive a request for assistance, our dedicated team contacts the patient and their family to initiate the Medicaid application process. In cases where additional support is required, one of our caseworkers will personally visit the facility to gather all the necessary paperwork.

    Your patient’s eligibility should not be an immediate concern. We have the expertise to navigate these obstacles and provide clarity on how to proceed. By reaching out to us, you can leverage our experience in streamlining the Medicaid application process for your patients, ensuring timely and effective assistance.

  • Effective Solutions Through Pooled Income Trusts

    It’s not uncommon for patients seeking Medicaid benefits to have earnings that exceed the allowable limit for Medicaid eligibility. Rather than letting this deter much-needed assistance, setting up a pooled income trust can be a highly effective solution.

    A pooled income trust allows patients to qualify for Medicaid benefits without having to deplete their assets. This strategy offers a lifeline for patients who might otherwise face disqualification due to excess income. We manage the entire process from start to finish, providing unwavering support to both patients and their families.

    Our team is well-versed in the creation and management of these trusts, ensuring that financial limitations don’t stand in the way of essential home care. This comprehensive approach allows us to offer a practical and stress-free solution, granting patients access to care while preserving their financial integrity.

  • Resolving Medicaid-Related Issues

    Encountering issues with Medicaid can be an exceptionally frustrating experience, adding unnecessary stress to discharge planners and patients alike. At Homecare Advisory Group, we aim to alleviate this burden by simplifying the resolution process.

    When Medicaid-related questions arise, reaching out to us is a far simpler and more effective option. We act as a liaison with Medicaid offices, directly inquiring about the status and updates of specific cases. Our goal is to identify and resolve any issues swiftly and efficiently, ensuring no delays in care provision for your patients.

    Should a Medicaid-related problem leave you and your patient in a challenging position, let us step in to uncover and address the root cause. Contact Homecare Advisory Group, and we will take the necessary steps to support you and resolve any Medicaid-related complications.

  • Comprehensive In-Home Care Services – Medicare

    Patients covered by Medicare, including managed Medicare or Medicare Advantage, often require specialized home care services after discharge. At Homecare Advisory Group, we understand the nuances of Medicare coverage and offer assistance to ensure patients receive the necessary care.

    Our collaboration with various Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs) allows us to arrange appropriate care tailored to each patient’s needs. Although Medicare services can sometimes be limited in terms of duration and scope, they play a crucial role in the immediate post-discharge period.

    These services are particularly helpful for patients who require interim care while transitioning from hospital or rehabilitation facilities to their homes, or while awaiting long-term care arrangements. We provide substantial support for organizing discharges, even for patients with only Medicare coverage. Working with us means ensuring your patients have access to the right care during this critical timing.

  • Specialized In-Home Care Services – Medicaid

    Securing home care services for patients covered by Medicaid, or those with dual eligibility for both Medicaid and Medicare, presents its own unique set of challenges. Administrative hurdles often complicate the process, making it difficult for discharge planners to arrange the necessary care efficiently.

    Homecare Advisory Group tackles these challenges head-on. Our strong relationships with a number of prominent Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs) enable us to coordinate care, even in the most complex cases. Additionally, our agreements with many Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans offer valuable resources for arranging patient discharges.

    MLTC plans are sometimes overlooked but can significantly simplify the home care arrangement process. These plans provide critical support, ensuring that patients receive the required care while alleviating the administrative burden on discharge planners.

  • Immediate Home Care with Medicaid Pending Services

    There are situations where a patient urgently needs home care, but their Medicaid application is still under review. In such cases, Medicaid pending services can provide a temporary but crucial solution. These services offer patients the necessary care while awaiting the final decision on their Medicaid application.

    While not every case qualifies for Medicaid pending services, we have a solid track record of successfully helping patients obtain this interim care. Despite some misconceptions about the availability of Medicaid pending, it remains a viable option for those in need.

    Reaching out to Homecare Advisory Group can make a significant difference in securing these services. We will assist you in understanding the specific requirements and facilitate the process, ensuring your patients receive timely support during the application review period.

  • Private Pay Home Care Services

    Our primary objective is to secure home care services that are covered by insurance. However, there are instances where insurance does not cover all necessary services, leaving patients and their families searching for alternative solutions. In such scenarios, Homecare Advisory Group offers private pay home care options.

    We provide a transparent consultation process, offering an in-depth cost estimate tailored to the unique needs of each patient. By discussing the available private pay options, we ensure that patients receive the required care without compromising on quality.

    Our team is dedicated to working closely with families to find the best and most economical solutions. Whether it’s arranging a short-term home care plan or establishing long-term support, we strive to offer flexible and affordable options that cater to every individual circumstance.

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    For discharge planners in New York City looking to provide the best home care solutions for their patients, Homecare Advisory Group is here to offer comprehensive support. Our range of services is designed to simplify the discharge planning process and ensure patients receive the optimal care they need as they transition from hospital to home.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Explore the wide array of services we provide, from Medicaid applications and pooled income trusts to resolving Medicaid issues, Medicare support, and private pay options. Our dedicated team is available to assist you every step of the way, making discharge planning a smoother, more effective process.