Welcome to Homecare Advisory Group, where we provide invaluable home care insights and guidance specifically tailored for social workers and discharge planners. Our mission is to simplify the often-complicated home care process for your patients. We offer clear, concise, and effective solutions from qualification to application and beyond. Through our services, we aim to support the well-being of patients and ease the workloads of social workers and discharge planners.

At Homecare Advisory Group, we are dedicated to supporting social workers, discharge planners, and families through every step of the home care process. Whether you are dealing with Medicaid applications, coordinating Medicare services, or need to set up private pay options, we are equipped to provide the guidance and support you need. Together, we can make the discharge planning process as smooth and efficient as possible.

  • How We Assist Social Workers

    Homecare Advisory Group offers a free service to help patients receive the home care they need. We understand that discharge planning presents numerous challenges, especially when dealing with insurance issues, administrative hurdles, and time constraints. Our services assist in these difficult situations to ensure that patients receive the appropriate care as seamlessly as possible.

  • Medicaid Applications

    Discharge planning is never straightforward, particularly when a patient lacks adequate insurance coverage. Homecare Advisory Group steps in to streamline this process for you. Here is how we help:

    Immediate Contact: Upon hearing from you, our team promptly reaches out to the patient or their family to start the Medicaid application process.

    Paperwork Assistance: One of our case workers can come to the facility, if needed, to gather and organize the required paperwork for the Medicaid application.

    Overcoming Financial Limits: Concerns about patients having too much income or needing immediate Medicaid services should not deter you. We have numerous solutions to address these problems.

    Expert Consultations: If questions or uncertainties arise during the Medicaid application process, our experts are readily available to provide guidance and support.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn how we can assist with Medicaid applications for your patients.

  • Pooled Income Trusts

    In some cases, patients seeking Medicaid benefits may have monthly earnings that exceed Medicaid limits. This does not have to be a barrier to receiving the care they need. Setting up a pooled income trust offers a robust alternative to spending down excess money while still accessing Medicaid home care benefits. We streamline the entire process for both patients and their families. Here’s how we support you:

    Setup & Management: We assist with the setup and management of the pooled income trust.

    Detailed Guidance: We guide patients and families through each step, ensuring they understand how the trust works and how it benefits them.

    Follow-Up: Continuous support is provided, ensuring the trust operates smoothly and as intended.

    This arrangement provides a viable solution for patients whose income exceeds Medicaid limits but who still need Medicaid’s home care services.

  • Medicaid-Related Issues

    Handling Medicaid-related issues can add unnecessary stress to discharge planning. Simplify the process by contacting Homecare Advisory Group. We expedite resolution by dealing directly with Medicaid offices on your behalf. Here’s what we do:

    Issue Identification: We identify the underlying issue causing the delay or denial of Medicaid services.

    Direct Contacts: Our team has direct contacts within Medicaid offices, allowing us to obtain timely updates and status checks.

    Resolution: We work efficiently to resolve issues, so your patients can receive the home care they need as soon as possible.

    Take the weight off your shoulders by letting Homecare Advisory Group handle Medicaid-related issues for you.

  • In-Home Care Services – Medicare

    If your patient has Medicare coverage – including managed Medicare or Medicare Advantage – and requires help with home care, we are here to assist. Collaborating with several Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), we ensure effective care arrangements even for challenging cases. Our services include:

    Discharge Organization: We help organize discharges for Medicare patients, aiming for optimal care solutions tailored to their needs.

    Collaboration with CHHAs: Our partnerships with CHHA ensure your patients are cared for professionally and efficiently.

    Temporary Support: While awaiting long-term care setups, temporary support can be crucial, especially post-hospital or rehab discharge.

    Medicare Limitations

    Care Restriction: There may be restrictions on the amount and duration of care services provided under Medicare.

    Temporary Solutions: Despite limitations, Medicare home care services can be extremely helpful and provide necessary support to patients transitioning from hospital care.

    Medicare patients benefit significantly from these temporary home care services while waiting for long-term care options.

  • In-Home Care Services – Medicare

    For patients covered by Medicaid or those who have both Medicaid and Medicare (dual-eligible), receiving home care services has become increasingly complex due to administrative challenges. Here at Homecare Advisory Group, we work with several Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs) to ensure that necessary care is arranged promptly and efficiently. Here’s how we help:

    Partner Collaboration: We work hand-in-hand with multiple CHHAs to arrange home care.

    MLTC Plans: We have agreements with most Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plans. This option is crucial but often underestimated in arranging patient discharges.

    Customized Support: Tailored solutions are provided based on the unique needs of each patient.

    Helping patients navigate these administrative hurdles is part of why we’re committed to serving you.

  • Immediate Care During Medicaid Processing

    Patients in urgent need of home care do not have to wait until their Medicaid application is fully processed. Medicaid pending services allow patients to receive home care support while awaiting final approval. Here’s how we assist:

    Securing Interim Care: We help arrange home care services during the Medicaid application review process.

    Expert Navigation: Our experience ensures the process is quick and efficient, providing immediate support where necessary.

    Clarification & Assistance: We clarify any misinformation regarding Medicaid pending and assist in gaining these crucial services.

    Although approval for Medicaid pending can be challenging, it remains a valuable option. Homecare Advisory Group has successfully helped many patients navigate this avenue to get the home care they need as soon as possible.

  • Private Pay Home Care Services

    Our primary aim is to secure home care services covered by insurance. However, when insurance does not cover required services, we provide alternatives through private pay options:

    Consultation: We offer comprehensive consultations to understand the patient’s specific needs and devise the best private pay care plan.

    Cost Estimates: Detailed cost estimations are provided so patients and families can financially plan for private pay services.

    Tailored Care Plans: We offer personalized care plans that align with the patient’s specific health conditions and personal preferences.

    Reach out to us for more information about private pay options and to start planning a tailored care solution.