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This section of our website is dedicated to delivering comprehensive insights into coverage and services available for the elderly and disabled. Our aim is to present this information in a manner that is clear, concise, and easily navigable.

Serving Areas

It’s important to note that much of the information provided in the Learning Center pertains specifically to coverage and services within New York State. This is particularly relevant to topics related to home care and Medicaid.

Feel free to explore the links below to begin your educational journey:

Medicaid Home Care

Medicaid is the most common provider under which consumers in New York receive long-term home care. However, the providers of Medicaid home care and the process of obtaining a Medicaid home health aide is often unclear even to the experienced consumer.


Home Care Providers in NY

There a many different types of home care providers in New York. However, there are three types of mainstream providers which administer most home care services.


Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plans

People who are dual-eligible (meaning they have both Medicare and Medicaid), age 21 and older, and are in need of home care for more than 120 days are required to enroll in a Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plan.


Medicaid Pending Home Care

Sometimes people find themselves in need of home care immediately, but without the funds to pay for it. For people in this position, Medicaid pending services can be a real lifesaver.


Twenty-Four Hour Home Care

It’s something we hear all the time – that someone “can’t be left alone” and requires “twenty-four hour care”. But obtaining twenty-four hour home care through Medicaid is not as easy as it once was.


Corporate Responsibility

Home Care Advisory Group (HCAG) offers information and assistance to consumers who are seeking Home Care and Medicaid-related services. Based on the consumer’s expressed needs and preferences, HCAG may provide them with information about one or more of our contracted agencies, known as Participating Agencies. HCAG may also forward the consumer’s information to the Participating Agencies, who will then be responsible for contacting the consumer directly to discuss their offerings and determine compatibility. This program aims to connect consumers with the right agencies that can meet their specific requirements.

Additionally, HCAG reserves the right to share consumer referral information with relevant companies when deemed appropriate. This information may include the consumer’s name, contact details, and any pertinent details provided during the consultation process. The participating companies are expected to handle this information confidentially and in compliance with HIPAA, utilizing it solely for the purpose of contacting the referred consumer to discuss their services.

In summary, Home Care Advisory Group provides information and facilitates connections between consumers and contracted agencies, ensuring that consumers receive relevant and personalized assistance in their search for Home Care and Medicaid-related services.